Monday, October 19, 2015

In Which I Do Stuff

So I have been super busy this semester. I have been been doing my regular high school teaching and transcribing videos for the Missouri Star Quilt Company AND teaching two online classes wherein I read and critique 65 essays per week. Can I say overload? It has gotten better. Not so many videos, and I reorganized the online classes so I would not review rough drafts. The students peer edit and I review and grade final drafts. We just had parent teacher conferences last week. The actual longest day of the year is not in June but every year on the day of parent teacher conferences. In an act of mercy, our school district always gives us the Friday off after PT conferences. Whew! And in a divine act, this year we were given Monday off as well. I think it has something to do with putting the school back together after Missouri Days but the reason is immaterial to me. Last Thursday I traveled home with the prospect of four whole, glorious days away from school. I love my job but needed a break! Of course like all good teachers I brought work home to do on the weekend--95 essays to grade from my high schoolers. Remind me why I became an English teacher?

Fast forward (LITERALLY, the weekend went in hyper-drive mode) to today. As I veg in front of Criminal Minds, I am lamenting not getting much done this weekend. BUT then in a supreme show of optimism I decided to reframe my weekend. Instead of focusing on what I didn't get done, I will choose to focus on what I did get done. So here goes what I did do this weekend. I did stuff!

  1. Got a spot removed from my face. Atenoid keretosis--sounds worse than it is. Years of baby oil tanning has left my face with sunspots.
  2. Purchased (all by myself) a heat gun and palm sander to begin tackling my stairs.
  3. Watched Bridge of Spies--I highly recommend it. Great movie. I don't mind going to a movie along but eating alone in a restaurant still bothers me.
  4. Made it home in time to cheer on the Royals and BYU to victories. YAY teams!
  5. Read an article in the Ensign. Read several chapters in the Book of Mormon.
  6. Purchased a water purifying system from some ward members. Yay preparedness.
  7. Did laundry. Yay clean clothes.
  8. Cleaned the kitchen. Just yay!
  9. Ate dinner at Olive Garden with a friend. We ate dessert first. I highly recommend it.
  10. Listened to talks and presentations at the adult session of stake conference
  11. Only checked the Royals score twice during said meeting.
  12. Read an article in the Ensign. Read several chapters in the Book of Mormon.
  13. Woke up, dressed and drove to the Mabee Center by 8:30 for Stake Conference to witness the creation of a new stake: The Far West Missouri Stake of which I am a member. 
  14. Listened to uplifting talks and testimonies at said conference.
  15. Delivered the sister missionaries to their appointment.
  16. Made it home in time for the world's best nap. And I am a nap expert. This one was epic. Drool out of mouth, didn't move, two-hour epic. 
  17. Iced my aching "good" knee that has been bothering me.
  18. Made a most delicious dinner of pork chops, potatoes and gravy. Ate said dinner. 
  19. Got scared by Josh. Why are my kids so good at scaring me?
  20. Snuggled with kitties. 
  21. Watched Harry Potter 6, 7 parts 1 & 2.
  22. Read an article in the Ensign. Read several chapters in the Book of Mormon.
  23. Slept in. YAY.
  24. Called the bank to reverse charges for transferring my OWN MONEY between my OWN ACCOUNTS! I am not fond of banks!
  25. Paid bills. Yuck but necessary.
  26. Called vet to schedule kitties appointments.
  27. Called student loan people and impersonated Lindsey to get her loan straightened out. Yes, I do that. Don't judge. Some of my kids don't want to adult yet! And I enable them!
  28. Watched and watching time sucking TV shows but my knee is feeling tons better.
So instead of focusing on what I didn't get done this weekend...grading 95 essays...look at all I did do. And obviously I needed to rest. Here's to pulling out the tomato plants later today, watching the Royals game tonight and returning to work tomorrow with renewed focus and enthusiasm for my students whom I love like my own! What did you do?.....

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